The HENK Meissen ashtray

The white gold

starting from  349€

We proudly present: the HENK Maori ashtray by Meissen porcelain. Our first collaboration with Meissen porcelain, the European inventor of the “white gold”. Meissen is the oldest manufacturer in the world (after the Chinese), founded in 1710. The best of the best.

We have created a limited edition of 50 pieces with our iconic dragon logo in gold. The typically, hand-painted Meissen swords, the suede underground with Meissen and HENK logo and individual edition numbers, including a state of the Art packaging, make this ashtray a must have for connoisseurs.

Its dimensions are: 20,7 x 18,4 x 3cm.


Classy & elegant


The hand-painted Meissen swords are a trademark for the original.


Each ashtray has an individual edition number on the suede underside, which also enables a soft and non-slip position.


The packaging is also a masterpiece.

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