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Exclusive Briefcases for
Discerning People on the Move

starting from 4.900€

As an accompaniment to your HENK, or as an entry to the HENK range, we have created an exclusive range of Briefcases. For carrying a laptop, documents and other personal items while on the move, why not use the ultimate HENK Briefcase? Made out of the finest leathers available, the HENK Briefcase is smooth, easy to carry and highly impressive. The HENK Briefcase adapts very easily to the size of its contents, thanks to its concertina-shaped compartments.


Briefcase for women & men

Designed with carbon fibre and chrome accents as standard, we can also personalise your HENK Briefcase to your exact specifications with a range of colors and materials. Your logo or initials can also be included on the Briefcase.

Should you own a HENK, your Briefcase can be crafted in similar style and either attached to it using the anti-theft cable or fitted in your HENK when empty.


Leather Handle

Designed with passion for detail, we made the leather grip highly comfortable and functional. Its flexibility gives you a maximum of comfort whenever you need it.


Magnet System

The HENK Briefcase uses an invisible magnet system that keeps your case smoothly closed. Two magnets each, in the top and flap, hold the Briefcase in the correct position even when the case is full. This means you do not have to open or close any zippers when retrieving items.



The interior of your HENK Briefcase contains several handy compartments for your pens, wallet, mobile phone or other small items.

The size of the HENK Briefcase is 38.3 cm x 31.5 cm x 8 cm (length x width x depth) or 15.08 in x 12.40 in x 3.15 in (length x width x depth). The HENK Briefcase weighs 1.2 kg and it can hold a maximum load of 8 kg.

Maximum Security

For extremely security-conscious clients, we also offer the HENK Briefcase as a bulletproof version. For this version, the Briefcase cover is fitted with a special 10 mm thick insert that can withstand a 9 mm para to .44 magnum calibre bullet impact from a range of 8 metres. While the high security standard of the HENK Bulletproof Briefcase reduces the storage volume in the case lid slightly, it also increases the security of the content and its owner. The weight is increased by approximately 1.2 kg. But with a total weight of 2,400 grams it still meets our high-level comfort standards with very light but above all top carrying comfort.



We offer an infinite range of options to make your HENK a unique item fulfilling high-end demanding standards and individual design requirements. You might have a favourite color, a family crest or a company logo. These can be incorporated into your HENK Briefcase. Many will simply add their name or initials making it a very personal statement of their individual style.

Our team is also on hand to help you create something extraordinary by processing unusual materials in the design of your HENK Briefcase. These include woven horsehair and special leathers including crocodile and ostrich.

The interior of your HENK Briefcase can also be designed to suit your individual lifestyle and needs

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