The new Henk Carbon Attaché

Probably the most secured and luxurious attaché in the world

starting from 14.190€

The right companion for you.
What do you undertake if you need to align your passion and personal preferences with the challenges of every day working life and growing mobility? You develop the right Briefcase for it.

Our development team tackled this challenge and developed a SMARTCASE made out of carbon. This attaché case, which is extremely compact in comparison to conventional Briefcases, offers maximum space as well as a flexible storage system.

Basic – Style Alcantara black

Diamond – Vintage oscuro

Diamond – California crema

Diamond – Classic nero


Hard shell, smart core

When designing the case, we placed particular value in retaining the retro-futuristic design of the HENK Classic while also remaining true to our standards of maximum innovation. Generally, the corners of any attaché briefcase are its weak points. To minimise wear and tear, we have – much like with the HENK Classic – applied particularly robust stainless steel guards to the corners and edges. The corner elements can be customised upon request and are available in a variety of standard colors. The protective elements can also be replaced if necessary.


Maximum Storage

The interior has been designed to allow the tablet and writing implements, for example, to be discreetly stored behind the flexible rear panel. Flight tickets, passports and business cards are easily accessible from the front. Your laptop is stored securely under a false bottom. If desired, you can either remove this false bottom to create more space or simply turn it around and place it on the actual bottom of the briefcase. This provides you with more storage space while still having everything to hand to make another storage compartment should the need arise. The storage compartment is flexible and light, but also strong enough to support a fair weight.

1 laptop up to 15″ (e.g. MacBook Pro)

1 tablet (e.g. iPad Air or iPad mini)

Two writing implements

Flight tickets, passport and business cards

Also a file/folder (up to 4 cm in width) or alternatively a newspaper or magazine

Up to 2 Glasses cases or necessary power cables or chargers


Maximum Security

For extremely security-conscious clients, we also offer the HENK Carbon Attaché as a bulletproof version. For this version, the attaché briefcase cover is fitted with a special 10 mm thick insert that can withstand a 9 mm para to .44 magnum calibre bullet impact from a range of 8 metres. While the high security standard of the HENK Carbon Bulletproof Attaché reduces the storage volume in the case lid slightly, it also increases the security of the content and its owner. The weight is increased by approximately 500 gr.


Maximum Enjoyment

The HENK Carbon Attaché offers not only maximum storage but also space for maximum enjoyment. Optionally you can fit the briefcase with a travel humidor with integrated humidifier. The cigars – with a max. 70-ring gauge or 30 mm diameter – can be up to 23.5 cm long. Depending on their size, you can store up to 20 cigars. To protect the cigars from damage during transport, we have designed particularly deep cigar beds that are each also secured by means of an elastic band and each have the BOVEDA® humidifer on the bottom. The cigar beds have long slits to provide the cigars with optimum humidity.

BOVEDA® humidifiers maintain the optimum air humidity for approx. 2 months and can be bought throughout the world.The corpus of the humidor is made of solid Spanish cedar, thus providing a unique aroma inside. In case you don’t need your humidor while you’re travelling, you can also take it out and leave it in your hotel or office as a standalone device. We were able to benefit from the services of currently the best humidor constructor in the world, Marc André, for the design of the humidor.


Maximum Luxury

If you love the absolute luxury and spoil yourself with the best, then we can offer you with our Luxury Collection an inexhaustible variety of design options. Combine the finest leather and perfectly crafted carbon with fine, 24 carat gold and create a unique jewel. Design your own interior and finishing it with your company logo or monogram. We will gladly advise you in the implementation.


Maximum Protection

Our Carbon Attaché is very robust and well-protected, but – if for whatever reasons – you would like to protect it more or hide it, we have created a beautiful coverbag from our finest nappa leather. Available in all Beluga colors and with your personal logo. The price is starting at 2,600€.


Maximum Design

The HENK Carbon Attaché is available in two different interior designs, and you can choose from a bright variety of colors in four different leathers. And even when you like to have your own design, a special leather or an individual color, tell us and we will build your very personal Attaché.


Technical data

External dimensions:
45,5cm x 32,5cm x 11 cm
Internal dimensions:
39,5cm x 27cm x 10 cm


2,6 kg empty
3,1 kg (with humidor)
3,2 kg (bulletproof)
3,7 kg (bulletproof & humidor)





Alcantara® Black with stiching in black.
1 removable Passport/ticket inlay
1 removable Accessories inlay

The entire interior is also available in three other leathers (see Options) and on request in customised colors or other types of leather. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a proposal upon request and dispatch an offer to you.


Standard colors, exterior: carbon glossy.
Corner joints: black (standard). Optional in yellow, orange, green, red, black, white, chromed silver, chromed gold, 24 ct. gold plated




HENK Carbon Attaché 14,190.00 €


Removable carbon humidor + 4,900 €
Bullet proof armouring + 2,250 €
Interior design “Diamond” + 680 €
Vintage Nubuck leather + 880 €
California cowhide leather + 1,120 €
Classic calfskin leather + 1,620 €
Corner joints color + 280 €
Corner joints chromed + 380 €
All metal parts in 24ct. gold plated upon request
Personal logo or Monogram (interior/exterior) upon request
BOVEDA® 10 pack humidity pads + 25 €
* all prices ex. VAT
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