Limited Edition Humidor

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The HENK Maori cigars are not only limited, they are also outstanding in taste and craftsmanship. To give our Aficionadas & Aficionados the perfect home for their cigars, we created the MAORI humidor. A limited Edition of 12 pieces. And we asked the best humidor maker in the world to build it: Marc André.

The materials we choose are basically the same we use for our bespoke cases: 24ct. gold, reindeer leather, carbon fibre and specially for the humidor, Spanish cedar wood and Mahogany. And the design we gave him, will remind you on the HENK classic. Our timeless design icon.

As we manufacture every single one of these limited edition humidors in Germany, you also have the opportunity to realize your own wishes. Whether impressions in leather or a logo inside, everything is possible. Share your wishes with us.


Up to 300 cigars you can store, where you can choose between single storage and box storage.

And even when things get tight – with our unique tray system with round holes and the matching, plug-in separating pins made of 12mm thick mahogany round wood with milled notch and inserted fixing ring, the optimal air circulation is possible. The special feature – the more subdivisions you use, the better the air circulation, as it always leaves a series of round holes free, keeping the airway down (where the humidifier sits) free.

The flexible subdivision allows cigars to be sorted longitudinally and transversely, making optimal use of space. At the same time, the air circulation is maintained, as the humid air from the lower Humidor section can pull everywhere through the vacant holes of the tray bottom up.


Due to the generous dimensions, you can store up to 6 complete boxes under the tray (combined 25-pieces semi-plain box and small cabinet boxes). The magnetically adhering separating pins also enable individual storage in the lower humidor area.


The MAORI is delivered with the electronically controlled humidification system HYDROCASE by Marc André. In addition, a passive evaporator is included, which is attached to the left of the HYDROCASE on the rear wall. This serves for the first 2-3 months, in which the wood still stores much moisture, as an increase in the evaporation surface. After a few months, this humidifier can be removed.

Since humid air is lighter than dry and therefore rises, in a humidor with a tray the humidifier MUST be placed in the lower area and NOT in the lid. If the humidifier is mounted in the lid, then the distance of the cigars on the tray to the humidifier is too low and the cigars are over-moistened.


The solid stainless steel hinges are so sturdy that you could only carry the over 9 kg humidor on the open lid. The MAORI unfolds its perfect functionality in conjunction with the electronically controlled HYDROCASE humidification system. The circulating air moistens the lower humidor area and pulls up through the tray. The HYDROCASE is included with the humidor.

So that the cigars never have direct contact with the Spanish cedar wood on the tray, the tray is made of solid mahogany. The high-quality Fingerzinkung of the frame testifies of handcrafted precision and makes the solid wood visible.


Exclusively noble real wood veneers, silky-gloss lacquered, so that the wood structure remains visible. A smart tray construction that allows air circulation. An innovative subdivision concept for maximum space utilization in the tray and floor area thanks to freely positionable stakes in solid mahogany.

Wall thickness: 24mm, in the lower body area on the sides 31mm. Floor board made of wood-metal composite, veneered with mahogany, aroma nuts in the corpus walls for a slow but steady release of aromas of Spanish cedar with simultaneous protection of the cigars from possible resinification of the wood.

External dimensions
Length: 560mm
Width: 397mm
Height: 205mm

Interior dimensions of the body below
Length: 485mm
Width: 338mm
Height to the tray: 130mm
20 magnetic separating pins included

Inner dimensions of the shelf board
Length: 480mm
Width: 314mm
Height: 38mm
20 pluggable separating pins included

Weight: 9 kg

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