The minibone®

Travel Humidor

starting from  99€

Everything you need when traveling with cigars! Space for two cigars, your lighter, cutter, scissors and matches and 3 credit cards. Perfect humidification with boveda® inside, and designed to store two cigars with a ring gauge of max. 55 and a length of max. 15 cm. Lastly, the minibone® comes with an integrated rope, so you can carry it around your neck and you can be active on your bike, boat or generally hands free when you want. And its opening mechanism is pretty easy, just twist the lid to open.

All this with incredibly small measurements:

16,8  x 6,6 x 6,6 cm!


Typical for HENK, the minibone® is made of robust and finest materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced PLA, finest leathers (coming soon) of your own choice and the wood colored is a PLA with 20% wood infill and really you can smell the wood. The bottom is covered with a special smooth foam in black or white.


Due to its clever interior design, you have an abundance of choices to store the industry’s most popular lighters and cutters, as well as scissors and additional matches or an extra cigar punch as well as 3 credit cards. All accessories are stored within the minibone®, while the cigars stay safely secured in their own humidified compartments.


The functional design of the minibone® allows you to use it as a cigar bench while enjoying a cigar.


HENK is known for their limitless options for creating bespoke masterpieces. The minibone® is no exception to this philosophy. You can choose special leathers in nearly every color, branded with your personal logo or monogram.

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