The iPack® free

The most luxurious and functional backpack in the world.

starting from 3.790€

Soft shell, smart interior

When designing the iPack® free, we placed particular value in retaining the retro-futuristic design of the HENK Classic while also remaining true to our standards of maximum innovation. Generally, the corners of any backpack are its weak points. To minimise wear and tear, we have – much like with the HENK Classic – applied particularly robust leather guards to the corners and edges.

Maximum storage


Meet the iPack

The interior has been designed to allow a maximum of load you really need for your daily trip, for example, plenty of accessories, a 15“ laptop or a big tablet. Also Flight tickets, passports and business cards are easily accessible from the front. Your laptop/tablet is stored securely at the upholstered back compartment. The main compartment in the middle is big enough to put in a big file folder or some extra clothes for an overnight stay.

The front compartment is a real organizer, you‘ve got space for your glasses, flight tickets, passport, business or credit cards. Also all necessary power cables, chargers, adapters or a powerbank find their place there. For the cables and chargers you have an extra pouch that is retractable and is located right at the top for easy access. Even when you have your iPack® in the overhead bin. Just open the compartment and you have access to all what you need without taking the iPack® out. And perhaps, the zipplock inner front pocket has a RFID protection so your cards are safe.


Clever details

On the backside of the shoulder straps, we placed a rubbery leather to stop the strap from sliding off your shoulder. 


Easy access, anytime

The Swiss made RiRi® zippers are the best in the world and allow a long term easy opening. Also the aperture of all compartments are as wide as possible for easy access. The shoulder straps fasteners are from fidlock® and you can open and close it with your eyes closed and with one hand because of its magnetic system. Same system we are using for the integrated key holder.


Maximum Luxury

The interior is made from finest Alcantara® leather that is not only very soft and gentle when you touch it, it‘s also extremely robust and water and stain repellent. So it will stay like new for a long time.


Maximum protection

The HENK iPack® is made for daily use,  so we have protected the most claimed parts with a special rubbery leather. And if you need, you can have it as an option in a bullet proof version like our carbon Attaché.


Storage to go

The optional beltbag is coming with the magnetic fidlock® fasteners and is easy to use, when you won‘t take your iPack® with you. You‘ll find in it space enough for your passport, phone, powerbank or other things.


Cable to go

Our integrated cable pouch will hold all adapters, cables & asseccories you‘ll need when traveling arround the world. It‘s easy to take out to use it separately. 


The iPack® free 911

You love the first Porsche 911? Remembering its interior? We give our tribute to this icon with our iPack® free 911 by using the same material that was used for this design icon in 1964.


The iPack® black

Simple and elegant, fits to any outfit and its a statement by itself.


The iPack® saddle

Finest organic leather in a warm brown color. Smooth but robust. The iPack® for the urban cowboy?


The iPack® ostrich

Available in nearly every color, its our fashion beauty and it underlines your personal style at its best.


The iPack® bespoke

Here, in a crocodile version, it looks really fancy. Exclusive gold zippers and a colorful interior made it a signature piece! You have more wishes? No problem!

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