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World-Class Design

California is considered a hub of world design. It is the home of Silicon Valley, smart technology and companies like Apple. It is also the place where many global trends begin.

Henk has been designed in California by frogdesign, a world leader in creating many of the world’s most memorable products.

Passion for Detail

In a world where many things look the same, you want something to really stand out, to catch your eye and to feel special. You are searching for the ultimate where every detail has been considered.

Finest Material

The world´s most successful people know quality when they see it and settle for nothing but the very best. To meet their discerning taste, HENK is built to the finest standards using the most special materials available. These include carbon fibre, titanium, fine wood veneers and soft leathers.


Bespoke Customisation

An infinite range of options is available to make your HENK unique to your own demanding standards and design. You might have a favourite color, a family crest or a company logo. These can be incorporated into your HENK. Many will simply add their name or initials making it a very personal statement of their individual style.

24/7 Global Customer Service

Wherever you are located in the world, the HENK network is available 24 hours a day to meet your demands. This could include sales, service and repair or to discuss the requirements for your next HENK. Factory tours are also available to our customers on special request.


Henk’s Unique Features

Retractable Wheel System

HENK brings new innovation to the world of luxury travel luggage. It has an integrated telescopic handle that allows two large wheels to extend when the handle is raised. This system is patented and only available with HENK products.

The 16 cm diameter wheels guarantee a noiseless and comfortable drive when the case is in motion. When the handle is lowered, the wheels retract to ensure you and your surroundings stay clean should the wheels become dirty.

Auxiliary Wheels

Four, small, integrated side wheels allow HENK to glide easily through aircraft aisles and other tight spaces.

Low Centre of Gravity

The positioning of the wheels, in combination with the long telescopic handle, help to create a low centre of gravity. Consequently, the HENK appears almost weightless when pulled.

This exceptionally lightweight architecture is the result of an ergonomic study between our design team in California and our engineers in Europe to achieve precision results and ease of use.


Central Locking System

The anti-theft cable, together with the side doors and top lids, are all designed to be accessed with just one touch of the central locking system. To secure your HENK, the locking system can only be accessed by your personal code.


Anti-Theft Chain

To secure your HENK to a nearby point, we have integrated a 180 cm long anti-theft-cable. This is made of Liquid Crystal Polymer, a strong material that is hard to cut. This is accepted onboard aircraft whereas steel cables would be a security concern. The anti-theft cable can also be used to secure your HENK Briefcase, or other attachments, to the main case.


Top Lids

The HENK has two small top compartments to store important items that you need to quickly access. These includes keys, business cards, …


Business Card Holder

For safety reasons, preventing others to become aware of your address details, the holder has been positioned under the bottom.


Pouch Insert

The HENK comes with a detachable leather pouch which can be used to carry items such as a laptop, tablet device or important paperwork. A second pouch can be added as an option. You can choose between the standard design or a pouch with a flap. The inserts are made of the finest lambskin leather.


Removable Interior Wall

Your HENK can be divided into two main sections with a removable interior wall. This can be used to separate your business items from your personal belongings. The soft, flexible wall can be placed in five different positions to vary the two main compartment sizes as desired.


Side Compartment

To create easy access, the HENK can be fully opened with two side compartment doors for the front and rear of the case. They have two main positions. When the HENK is standing upright, the doors open to 30 degrees (pilot position). When the HENK is lying down, the doors fully open to 110 degrees (packing position).


Meets IATA Standards for Hand Luggage

The HENK is large enough to handle your requirements for personal and business usage, yet it still meets the IATA standards for cabin hand luggage with the wheels retracted.

Notwithstanding its compact measurements, the HENK has a storage capacity of approximately thirty litres to create the maximum packing space for your personal items.

IATA state carry-on-baggage “should have maximum length of 22 in (56 cm), width of 18 in (45 cm) and depth of 10 in (25 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.”

HENK dimensions

55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (length x width/height x depth) 21.65 in x 15.75 in x 7.87 in (length x width/height x depth).

HENK weight

Carbon mat version is 5,800 gr. or 10.58 lbs. Carbon glossy version is 6,200 gr. or 13.67 lbs. Carbon/leather version is from 6,500 gr. or 14.33 lbs.


Interior Variations

Limitless Combination of Options to Customise Your Case!



We offer an infinite range of options to make your HENK a unique item fulfilling high-end demanding standards and individual design requirements. You might have a favourite color, a family crest or a company logo. These can be incorporated into your HENK. Many will simply add their name of initials making it a very personal statement of their individual style.
Our team is also hands on to help you create something extraordinary by processing unusual materials in the design of your HENK. These include woven horsehair and special leathers including crocodile and ostrich.
The interior of your HENK can also be equipped with a humidor, champagne set, watch winders or any other items to suit your individual lifestyle.
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